Private Tours + Groups

Get your individual package for groups of 6 or more divers. Or hire a private boat for a special dive trip with us.

We can easily bring groups of 14 Divers and more on board of our Dive Boat. Group inquiries for dive clubs (FOC etc) please send us a message and we help you with all information needed.


Our own rooms are currently under renovation - from mid March 2023 onwards we can accommodate up to 20 guests in 10 double rooms (2 beachfront rooms and 8 rooms 5 minutes walking distance from the beach).


Smaller groups who want individual dive trips: we can arrange private dive trips. Rates start with 10.000p base price + published fun dive rates.


  • You decide when and where we go
  • Lunch, water and scuba equipment included
  • Private DM included
  • IMPORTANT: all Divers have to meet us the day before diving around 5pm for orientation
  • Bring your certificate, dive log and please settle the bill the day before diving


  • Meeting us in person the day before diving is mandatory due to logistics and coast guard clearance
  • Group bookings (6 or more divers) require a 50% downpayment
  • Bring your diving log / proof of experience and a valid dive certification
  • No logged dives for 12 month requires a refresher (+ 1000php)
  • Limited Slots. Deposits are not refundable.


  • Valid Scuba Diving License
  • Dive log book / proof of experience
  • Fit to go diving (no medical condition, no hangover)


  • If we or the coast guard cancel a trip: full refund
  • If a diver or groups cancel for any reason including sickness: deposits are not refundable
  • Re-scheduling a dive (if available): + 1000p per diver
  • Please cover yourself with a travel and scuba dive insurance


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