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Mabuhay! Meet Tabanka Divers in El Nido, Palawan. We offer professional Scuba Diving Service since 2012. As a PADI Dive Resort we focus on best quality, modern dive education and a green footprint. Avoid the crowds and explore our blue planet together. We have own beachfront rooms, pool and a fantastic sunset view.

Wir sprechen auch Deutsch.

No matter if you want to get your PADI Open Water Certification or if you want to log more Fun Dives. El Nido in North-Palawan will entertain you with world class coral reefs and outstanding surface breaks. Charge your Camera and let Tabanka Divers show you around. Our full day trips start at 8am and bring you to 3 amazing Dive Sites. Every day, all year long.



From June to November is what we call low season. The fishes and turtles don't know that and are happy to have some quiet days. But the weather sometimes can be be a bummer. To encourage you to still visit beautiful Palawan, we will give you a great deal. Contact us now and we send you our LOW SEASON DEALS for PADI Courses, Fun Diving and Accommodation. 


  • Online exams with PADI eLearning. In El Nido we focus on your in-water training. Average ratio: 2 Students, 1 Instructor.
  • Available Languages are English, German, Hessisch, French, Spanish and Tagalog. Chinese and Taiwanese on demand. Infos auf Deutsch gibt's hier.
  • Dive in small groups: 4 Fun Divers join 1 Divemaster.
  • Discover Scuba Diving under professional supervision. No theory, no exam - try diving just for fun. 2 Beginners practise with 1 Instructor.
  • Refresher Dives: You haven't been diving for a while? No worries, we bring you back in shape.
  • Quality + Safety + Comfort: Scubapro Equipment. Certified Clean Air. Life west, First Aid and Emergency Oxygen on board. Dive Boat with toilet and a kitchen on board.
  • Beachfront Rooms with Sunset-view and Swimming Pool.
  • Non-Divers can join our trips and explore amazing snorkeling spots.


Check out our funky beachfront rooms with Swimming Pool and Sunset view - right next to the Dive Shop. Ask for our low season rates for a double room with AC, Fridge, Hot Shower, 1 queen size bed. For high season from December until May early reservations are required. Use our contact form to inquire for a personal offer.

Check also our friends and neighbours in Lugadia Beach: Pukka Beach Hotel, Buko Beach Resort, Panorama Beach Club and Outpost Hostel are highly recommended and just around the corner from our dive shop.

Diving Seasons and Taifuns

Diving is possible all year around. High-season in terms of visitors starts Christmas and lasts until end of May when PADI Courses, Fun Diving and accommodation need to be reserved in advance. Best visibility is May to November even though it's rainy season and winds and waves can effect the access to certain dive sites.


Rainy season starts in June with Southwest-Monsoon and first Taifuns affecting mostly North-East Philippines. Peak is November but Low Pressure Areas and Taifuns can affect boat and air-traffic even until mid January! It is the Philippine Coast Guards and our experienced crew who finally decide every morning if it's save to go out.


We know, you have specific weather questions regarding your Philippines trip. And there can be perfect conditions during rainy season. But no, we really can't predict the weather more than 4 days in advance. Or do you know if there will be snow next Christmas at home? Keep heads up with the official Philippines Weather Forecast here and find out more about diving conditions with our FAQs.

How is Diving in El Nido?

It rocks! The Bacuit Archipel presents around 20 dive sites for all experience levels: shallow beach entries with sea-gras fields for beginners as well as the amazing Dilumacad Tunnel (+50 logged dives required). Surrounded by 45 islands the eco-system here is full of life: with 447 species of corals, 888 species of fish and 5 species of marine turtles there is always something new to discover. We can't guarantee big stuff - but we surely look out for it. Turtles are always around and very relaxed fellows. Best chance to encounter Whaleshark and Manta Rays is December until May. Find out more in our FAQs.

How to find Tabanka Divers?

Tabanka Divers are based at Lugadia Beach, CorongCorong, a 5 minutes ride by trycicle from El Nido town. Check us out! Beside having the best sunset-view we are spoiled with a funky neighbourhood: Pukka Beach Hotel with Miami-Beachfront-Flair. Outpost Hostel where the young folks meet. Panorama Beach Club for Ibiza-Feeling and Buko Beach Resort with a green heart and quality service. Find out how to travel to El Nido, Palawan here.

Crew, you!

Meet some folks of the Tabanka Crew: Chris, PADI Divemaster and Anchorman. His wife Joy is the heart and soul of Tabanka Divers. ClipClip is our supply chain manager. Oliver, founder of Tabanka Divers, tries to bring some german routine to the Filipino Reggae-Mentality. And always around our best friend Bronson, since 2014 in charge of BBQ-leftovers and exclusive Palm-tree-marking on lonely islands.

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