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Scuba Diving is so much more than watching fishes. Speaking as a dive professional: it changed our life. We hope we can share this passion, curiosity and energy for our Oceans with you.

Big words from a small dive school, huh? Tabanka Divers is a PADI and SSI Dive Resort under german management. Since 2012 in El Nido we are not the biggest but maybe the funkiest dive school around. We teach all levels of PADI diving courses - from Zero to Hero. And every day we go for fun diving trips to only the best diving spots around Northern Palawan. Looking for a beachfront room next to your Diving School? We got it. Or you want to start your PADI Open Water Course online? Done. On this page you find everything you need to know about Scuba Diving in El Nido, Palawan in 2020.


End of April 2020 there are first victims reported in Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan, who were tested positive  for Covid-19. The municipality of El Nido is still free of positive Covid-19 cases but as everyone can imagine, options for fast and efficient testing are limited on remote islands. That's why we support the ongoing Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Tabanka Divers are closed since mid March, when most travellers left the Philippines. Our boat is in a safe bay, the diving gear in storage and all our staff has returned to their families. Tabanka Scuba Diving Inc as employer takes it's responsibility and will keep supporting the local team - in good time and in bad times.

It's impossible to forecast  the development of this pandemic and for how long it will effect global tourism. We don't expect to re-open before Christmas 2020 - but  it might also be eastern 2021..?


If you are planing a trip to Palawan: as for now we can't forecast when flights will operate again. Let's hope for the best in 2021. We will be ready to offer you the best scuba diving service once travelling is safe again.


Scuba Diving in El Nido is for everyone: First-timer can try Discover Scuba Diving. Experienced divers join our daily Fun Diving Trips. You want to learn scuba diving? Start with PADI eLearning now and take the exam online at home!


Deep down you want the best! The landscape of El Nido above and under water is a blast! We add Quality Dive Gear, Service and Professional Dive Training. For your perfect scuba dive trip to El Nido, Palawan. Some of our assets:

  • Scubapro Equipment
  • Certified Pure Air
  • Daily dive trips from 8am to 3pm
  • Visit 3 different diving spots
  • Fun Diving in small groups (4:1)
  • Dive only with local Divemaster
  • Learn diving with international PADI Instructor
  • English, French, German, Spanish + Mandarin on demand
  • Training in small groups (2:1 average ratio)
  • Support a plastic-free Palawan
  • Leave only bubbles. No-touch-policy.


We go for full day dive trips from 8am to 3pm. A comfortable and safe diving boat is essential. Spacious, with safety gear, emergency Oxygen, kitchen and toilet on board. Find extra long ladders on both sides and an equipment deck to gear up.

Scuba Diving, Boat, Ocean, Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Tabanka Divers at Dilumacad Island
  • Dive-deck to gear up in sitting position
  • Easy entrance
  • Comfortable exit with extra long ladders
  • Capacity of 16 Divers
  • Lots of shade to rest
  • Kitchen with freshly cooked BBQ 
  • Toilet on board
  • Emergency O2 + First Aid
  • Our local style banca was built and designed for scuba diving


What's the best place to stay in El Nido? At the beach! Three steps away from the water. With a sunset-bar, pool and a priceless view. We have own rooms. And there are many more choices nearby Tabanka Diver. Check our favourites bellow.

Dive Resort in El Nido. Sunset. Swimming Pool. Modern Design.
Rooms with sunset-view
  • 3 steps from the beach
  • Next to the dive shop
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sunset-view
  • Terrace
  • AC + Hot Shower
  • Fridge
  • Double-room with 1 Queen-size bed
  • Breakfast included
  • WiFi (island speed)
  • No generator - sorry folks

Top Hotels in CorongCorong near Tabanka Divers


Tabanka Divers are not based in busy El Nido town anymore. Because Lugadia Beach is THE PLACE TO BE. Folks from all-around the world come here to chill for sunset and enjoy the unique vibes. Only 5 minutes from town. A different planet.

El Nido, Palawan, Drone Shot, CorongCorong, Tabanka Divers
We are where you want to be

Tabanka Divers are based at Lugadia Beach in the Barangay CorongCorong. Only 5 minutes from El Nido downtown and 15 minutes from El Nido Airport. We are spoiled with LSD-Sunsets and a funky neighbourhood. Miami-Style Pukka Beach Hotel. Rocking Outpost Hostel. Panorama Beach Club for Ibiza-Feeling. And Buko Beach Resort, a quality-retreat. Sunset-Bars, Restaurants, Pharmacy, ATM, Scooter Rental, Yoga, Massages - all you need is in walking distance. CorongCorong is THE chilled beach-suburb of El Nido. Planning your trip here?


How to travel to El Nido, Palawan, update 2020


Weather, Wind, Visibility. It's not in our hands. Also in El Nido the climate isn't as predictable as it used to be. There are a couple of things to consider when planning a dive trip to Palawan. For example: the ocean doesn't know Christmas.

sea-turtle, scuba diving girl, nudie brunch, banner fish, dive boat
  • Diving is possible all year around
  • There is often wind and rain around Christmas until mid January
  • High-season: December to May - reservation needed 
  • Typhoon season (Amihan) November to January
  • Dry season February to May
  • Rainy season (Habagat) June to September
  • October is often stabile and nice
  • Stay updated with and PAGASA
  • Best visibility: mid April - end November
  • Divers get a full refund if we or the Philippines Coast Guards cancel trips for safety reason


It's surely different than in Coron, Busuanaga. There is no Wreck-Diving here, but amazing CoralReefs. What can you see when diving in El Nido? It's not a Zoo and we don't feed animals to come or stay. But everything is possible. The best chance to see a Whaleshark is December to April when Plankton is blooming.

whaleshark in el nido. butanding.
April 2018

Scuba Diving in El Nido rocks! You could chill forever on those countless beaches. But you don't know what your missing: we visit around 20 dive sites for all experience levels. Shallow beach entries with sea-gras as well as the Dilumacad Tunnel (+50 logged dives). Surrounded by 45 islands the Coral Reefs in El Nido are full of life. We can't guarantee big fish every day - but we surely look out for it. Best chances for Whaleshark and Manta Ray in El Nido, Palawan:  December until April. To see the WW2 Shipwrecks you have to travel to Coron, Busuanga. It's a perfect diving vacation if you combine both places and easy to get there vice versa by speed ferry. Check our travel tips.


We are a funky mix from allover the world. And our JOY is holding the team together. People come and go and come again. Like family we laugh and fight and laugh again. And every day we all give our best to make your scuba diving trip to El Nido an unforgettable experience. Come and join!

We come from Philippines, Germany, Taiwan, France, Slovakia, Colombia, Spain and Pukka Bar. Some stay for a Season others for good. Our most important team member: the one-and-only Dogmaster Bronson.  What we all got in common is our passion for the Ocean and the beauty of El Nido. Join us.

Wonder what's the story of TABANKA  DIVERS?



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