What are the best months for diving in El Nido, Palawan?

  • April + May have great weather and super visibility
  • Low-season tip: October is often a very decent month, too.

When is rainy season in El Nido, Palawan?

  • June + July have lots of rain. Cancellations of trips are not uncommon. 
  • August + September are a mix of sun and rain. SoSo.
  • October is usually great!!!
  • November, December until mid January is dry season but it can have strong Northeast winds with bigger waves and even Taifuns. If the philippines coast guards give a storm signal we can't go diving.

How is visibility under water in El Nido?

  • Clear Water: May - November (15m - 25m)
  • Plankton Blooming: February - April (5m - 12m)

How is the water temperature in El Nido?

  • December - March:  27°C - 24°C (bottom)
  • April 27°C or more
  • May - November 29°C - 32°C

Wind and Waves in El Nido

  • Rainy season (Habagat) is June until end September with Southwest-Monsoon. In that period Palawan gets wet and occasionally gale warnings.
  • In October weather is stabile and nice. Best time to visit El Nido if you chose to go in low season!
  • From November until January is Typhoon season with Northeast-Winds (Amihan).

Which Dive Sites will we got to?


That of course depends on the general conditions.

Wind and waves can affect access of dive sites from June - January. November, December and January Typhoons can cause cancellations for all passenger boats including diving. Our experienced crew will decide the dive sites on short notice. We take factors in conclusion like wind forecast, wave directions, currents, tides, visibility and experience level of all guests on board. Please accept the captains decisions. Safety first.