Blocked Ear or drying your gear? Simply hyper-energetic?

Here are Tabanka Divers' insider tips for fun activities in El Nido.

Wave Surfing in El Nido. Duli Beach. Surfboard. Happy people. Dog.


Ready for boarding? Hook up with the boys from North Swell. Duli Beach is 1hour north from El Nido and a must-visit for surfers or those who want to take a lesson. Don't expect a cloud9 break. Nothing but good times with a bunch of crazy locals. You can always ask the Dexmeister how's the swell. He will pick you up in town.

Rastafarry. Happy face. Native Wall. Tattoo.


It's now or never. Where to get a Tattoo in El Nido? At home! Loloy is not only full of happiness but local creativity and skills. But like Machete: Loloy don't text. So better contact his wife Rosie to make an appointment. They will bring the full gear to your Hotel, Hut or Bar. Careful: No Diving after getting inked. Photo-credit: Zhiga.

Rastafarry. Happy face. Native Wall. Tattoo.


The Filipino Kitchen is totally underestimated. It's time to heat it up. Take a Filipino Cooking Class in El Nido. Learn about local spices, tricks and fresh flavours in a cosy atmosphere. Starter, Main Dishes and Deserts are included and you also get a glimpse of the real filipino lifestyle. Finish it up with a rum shot at El Kusina.

Rastafarry. Happy face. Native Wall. Tattoo.


Did you already gas off? Than your ok for free diving. Local as it gets: Felix and his brothers know these waters better and longer than anyone. And as an Aida Instructor he will introduce you to his world. Professional. Local. Entertaining. El Nido Freediving.

Rastafarry. Happy face. Native Wall. Tattoo.


Ashtanga. Hatha. Yin and Vinyasa. Honestly, we have o clue about the differences. But at Namas'te you will meet some super friendly professionals who know how to find inner peace and more. They offer daily Yoga courses and private classes. Their Spa treatments and atmosphere are simply the best in El Nido. 

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Sibaltan, located 1hour North-East from El Nido, impresses with some wonderful beaches, much less tourists and fun activities including Kiteboarding. The place to go is Qi Kiteboarding Palawan. Once you are there: check in their Resort and enjoy a peaceful high-quality stay. They also offer Scuba Diving on the east coast of Palawan. 

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The different kind of inland tour: explore local villages and traditions. Paddle mangroves and discover hidden treasure together with some wonderful people. You always wanted to climb a coconut-tree or learn how Palawenos dance? Than you're definitely ready for the Philippine Experience.

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That's what El Nido is known for in the first place: Lagoons, Cliffs, Clear Waters and Countless Beaches. You haven't seen El Nido if you haven't done Island Hopping. There are so many providers - we highly recommend our friends from Discover El Nido. They are a bunch of young, hard working locals - fun and at the same time professional as it gets. You can trust their opinion which Tour is the best and how to avoid the crowds.

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Ever heard of Amihan or Habagat? We have some funny names for the seasonal thermic in Philippines. Can you feel the fresh winds? Palawan Sailing is a certified and registered IYT sailing school. Take a class or simply enjoy a ride. Can you imagine a more beautiful place to set sails?