Top 3 Makro Diving Sites in El Nido Palawan

Charge your UW Camera now

Most divers are pretty excited about the "Big 5": Whaleshark, Manta Ray, Dolphins, Hammerheads and Dugong. Sure, it's a thrill and unforgettable adventure to encounter a huge, curious maybe old animal in it's own backyard. Wish we could see them frequently here in El Nido - we sometimes do. But the more you dive, the more you will sharpen your senses  for hidden treasures and maybe become a Makro-Lover. Cause those little friends you can find almost everywhere - or at least your local PADI Divemaster will for you. Especially if you want to start playing with your new Camera Set and Strobes Makro-Diving is the perfect playground. Even the fasted Nudie Branch will patiently wait until your camera settings are done and take a nice pose for you.  The best season for finding Creatures in El Nido is February to April when Pipefishes, Ghost Pipefishes and Sea Horses show up in shallow waters. Best visibility is April and May though.

Where to do Makro UW-Photography in El Nido?

It's only a 5 minutes boat-ride to NatNat and Paradise Beach - kind of El Nidos' House Reef. A slope that divers can follow easily without getting lost. Halimeda Ghost Pipefish, Slender Pipefish, Spiny Devil Fish, Helmut Gurnard and Dragon Sea Moth are common encounters. Don't get confused if you see an upside-down Jelly Fish stuck in the sand. Surely there is Carrier Crab sitting bellow just using it for defence. If you see the Chocolate-Chip Starfishes you are not far from finding the Thorny Seahorse - sometimes in shiny bright yellow. And our highlight? A night Dive with tiny fascinating Bobtail Squids and Flamboyant Cuttlefish.

Experienced Divers looking for hidden treasures don't want to miss Dilumacad Tunnel. Charge your Strobes and extra lights. The 40m long tube always comes up with surprises. Electric FileClam and Oysters? Sure thing. Banded Pipefishes? Check! Ever heard of a Great Phyllodesmium? Banded Coral Shrimp and Decor Crabs of course. And some undetermined Spider Crabs - help us and name it. At the walls outside the tunnel we already discovered Blue-Ringed Octopus. Probably the smallest and prettiest potential killer that you will ever meet - hands off!

Still not enough? Easy - let's go to South Miniloc. But looking at all the Nudies isn't that easy cause the shear amount of colourful schools of fishes and Corals will blind you.