What is the status on Covid-19 in El Nido?

Since mid 2022 traveling within the Philippines got much easier. International tourisms is slowly starting to recover.

  • Philippines have opened the borders for international travellers
  • El Nido is progressing in vaccinating the whole community
  • COVID-19 still affects the international tourism especially in SEA
  •  Tabanka Divers will re-open on January 2nd 2023

"At least you are stuck in paradise"

(Written in 2020...wow...who would have thought it will take more than 2 years...???)



Well yeah, El Nido is more beautiful than ever with less human impact, traffic and noise. Like most cities in the world El Nido is basically in lockdown: social distancing, only go out to get your basic supplies and a strict curfew from 8pm to 5pm limits the fun. No public transport, no travelling within the island, even our own boat can't leave, surely no diving and very few foreign visitors are left here in paradise. This is the status end of April 2020.


Leaving Palawan for any reason seems pretty much impossible now while the Corona-Virus is spreading in Manila, Cebu and has finally also reached El Nido. So we have clearly no other choice than supporting the travel ban and the Enhanced Community Quarantine that has been implemented since mid March. Like people in all other places in the world we can only hope for a fast progress in the development of treatments and the availability of  safe, efficient vaccines. 


Saying so: the editor of this website does not believe that travelling the world and going scuba diving is what people worry most about these days. First everyone need to support her/his families, friends, co-workers and community by being smart, kind, patient and generous when needed. Once things find a new rhythm and balance, travelling to remote areas like Palawan might move back into our focus and we all will double-appreciate being privileged to do so. Than we can happily blow some bubbles together. Certainly not this year but hopefully mid 2021 - we will be here in El Nido waiting for you.


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