Explore the coral reef at night. Our special UV-Torches will trigger a unique light show. The effect is hard to descripe - simply mind blowing. For Advanced / Night certified divers. Start 5pm, return 8pm. All equipment and a snack included, dive time up to 1 hour. Minimum is 3 divers per trip.

ONLY 2800p

How does it work?

Many underwater organisms are capable of fluorescence. Chemical compounds contained in the tissue of these animals (mostly corals) react to UV light causing them to fluoresce in brilliant reds, purples and greens. The results can be quite amazing. It is best observed during night dives, using specialized equipment. Such dives are then called "fluorescence dives" or simply "fluo dives". It's a completely passive physical process, i.e., it does not change these organisms and it does not cost them any energy.

Recently, advances in technology have made possible a new version of the UV LED which has a wavelength just outside the spectrum of visible light at about 395 (nm). This LED still causes marine life to put on their fluorescent show but since it is nearly invisible to the naked eye, only the glowing colors are revealed. The reef is still bathed in UV light…you just can’t see it! Bottom line… no yellow filter needed.

To do a Fluo Dive with us you should be Certified Advanced Open Water Diver or finish an Adventure Night Dive with an Instructor.